Sunday, August 23, 2009

Make me gag

I'm horny as hell again and I've been having good sex with the bf recently.

I had a pretty good cyber moment with Chicken today. He told me all about what he wanted to do to me. Pull my hair, force his cock into my mouth, make me gag on his huge cock head in my throat, make me suck his balls, tie me up, bend me over, spank me. He said that I'd stretch his imagination. He called me a dirty bitch, and I liked it.... it turns me on, just like being called a slut does too.

I want to be used and abused (all within reason of course).

Bf doesn't seem to get how much I want to be forced around. I've tried to tell him, hinting at it, but he's too shy I think. He got the spanking bit, but that's about it. I even tried to convince him to take pics of us fucking. But he said no. I'll try asking him again, or just bring the camera myself.

He's out for the day today, so I'll have lots of time to play.
Rob doesn't seem to be around, I'm not sure if he's on holiday or what, but he hasn't answered any of my text messages since I was on holiday.

I might have to go on to justchat to see what I can find. No-one is around to play when I've got the time and I'm this horny.


Anonymous said...

I am sure many of your readers would love to treat you like a slut and teach you to cum over and over and over. Yes, people are often not available to play when we want to do so. I am in that position every weekend, it seems. But as sexy as you are, I'm sure you will find someone. We look forward to hearing about it and seeing those pictures of you and BF perhaps?


BlueEyes69 said...

Have you tried getting him to read posts on here? Of other women who enjoy "forced" sex with their boyfriends? Then hint around at what you want.

I recently posted about my bf "forcing" me, so stop by if you'd like. If not his motor, I'm sure it will get you running at top speed!

Best Wishes

Cande said...

Rick I wish I could get some bf and me pics up. I'll try my bestest :)
And just the thought of my readers wanting to do that turns me on....
I did find someone on justchat today, I'll post about it soon!